10" Chinese Lacebark Elm

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Chinese Lacebark Elm, also known as Ulmus parvifolia, is a deciduous species native to eastern Asia, including China, India, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. It is easy to grow and maintain, making it one of the best species of beginners.

The Essential Collection is designed for mid-level enthusiasts looking to work with higher quality material.

  • Hardy and easy to maintain.
  • Grows in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerant of light shade. Prefers rich, moist loam.
  • Adapts to a variety of different soils and tolerates both wet and dry sites. Generally tolerant of urban conditions.
  • Resistant to the Dutch elm disease and therefore has become a substitution for the magnificent American Elm. 
  • One of the most popular bonsai trees because its bark develops an aged look, leaves become tiny as the tree develops more branching, and the tree is easy to maintain to become stately overtime. 
  • A standout feature of the Bonsai Heirloom cultivar is, unlike ordinary Chinese elm, most of our tree will have red fall foliage under the right weather conditions when grown in full sun.
  • Pot: 10" ceramic bonsai pot with built in root pruning mechanism
  • Style: Formal upright

Easy maintenance is built in with its proprietary soil composition and patent pending bonsai pot.

Water it every day or two. You can never overwater it! Soil should always be supple. It is relaxing to water daily or soak periodically. The amount of water needed depends on temperature and location. When in doubt, water daily without fear of drowning.

For frequent travelers, we  suggest moving the bonsai to under your lawn sprinkler or use a readily available digital sprinkler time online.

Adequate light exposure is necessary to keep the bonsai healthy. Keep it outdoors exposed to full sun or morning sun. Full sun, partial shade, window sill, or under bright grow LED light. It is fine for indoor display periodically before returning to a bright spot outdoor.

An occasional feeding of houseplant food will keep bonsai vigorous. When in doubt, apply lower than the recommended concentration.

The Essential Grade bonsai plants are perfect for beginners and enthusiasts looking for an affordable yet authentic bonsai experience. These plants are carefully cultivated and shaped by Milton Chang to embody the essence of traditional bonsai aesthetics. While they may have simpler features compared to higher grades, Essential Grade bonsai plants still exhibit characteristic features such as balanced proportions, graceful lines, and harmonious compositions. They require minimal maintenance and are ideal for those seeking to start their journey into the art of bonsai cultivation.

For more advice, please visit the Bonsai Heirloom YouTube channel for step-by-step bonsai tutorials.

Please note: Due to their nature, trees grow and may need pruning, so the tree that you receive may differ slightly in appearance and/or size to the images in this listing.

With every bonsai, you will receive

The Highest Quality

A premium quality bonsai with well-established roots and a thick trunk growing in our nutrient-rich soil mix. 

Innovative Clay Pot

Each bonsai comes in a high quality clay pot complete with a built-in drainage system so you don’t have to worry about overwatering your bonsai. 

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We guarantee that your bonsai will arrive safely in our protective and elegant gift packaging, or else we will send a replacement.

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Our high quality clay pot is complete with built-in drainage system.

One of the most desirable bonsai species

Enjoy beautiful, red foliage in the fall.